Patient Stories

I was not put on a bike for 45 minutes and told ‘see you next time.’ You went into the why’s and how’s my knee surgery was affecting me. Each part was worked one by one and I was better faster because of your understanding and knowledge. Mike P.
Very professional in all therapy procedures and very complete as to methods. I was very happy with treatments. Henry D.
A chance visit to my accountant led to my encounter with Dr. Wagner. He has the ability to analyze the individual and provide the structure needed for improvement. Not being able to walk, stand or sit for any length of time has greatly improved. I recommend Dr. Wagner highly. The individual attention is priceless. Donna W.
After having a total hip replacement I couldn’t walk without a walker or cane. Having had physical therapy I was again able to use my leg and hip was pain-free. I’m very satisfied and felt the therapy was extremely effective. Teresa B.
Bottom line is – if you have the need for PT, Life Physical Therapy is the place to really get your life back into balance. Todd employs very effective methods in order to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Pat S.
He was very personal and knowledgeable and made me feel I was his only patient as we worked toward our goal. We achieved this and more with his constant efforts to push me to do better. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Joe D.
I have had 3 other experiences with physical therapy that were not successful. As a result of Life Physical Therapy I am feeling so much better and looking forward to a pain-free existence! Joan O.
Todd was very gentle whenever he worked with me and was cognizant of any pain I experienced during the therapy. He didn’t push me beyond my limitations. There was always a friendly smile, and sometimes the light exchange of jokes broke up the seriousness of the therapy when it became painful. I really feel I was in the best of hands. He is a superb therapist! Rosemary W.
On my first visit I was shocked to see so few “machines.” I was shocked to discover no icing blankets, no heat blankets, etc. After my first 1 hour person-to-physical therapist session I knew I was in the right place. Todd takes the time to explain every exercise and explain why you are doing it and what everyday chore it will improve. I am totally satisfied with my progress and truly feel I am leaving Life PT in better shape than I’ve been in many years. Todd’s knowledge and encouragement has made this a very rewarding experience for me. Thank you Todd! Rosemary C.
My story began when a neighbor told me about Todd. I always had problems with my neck and had gone for much therapy in the past. My experience here was so unusual to what I had been used to – my neck has never felt better. When I tore my meniscus, in spite of many opinions that it could not be fixed without surgery, it was done in this place. It was a blessing that I found this place. Dorothy O.
Dr. Wagner is a very, very competent physical therapist, also very caring. He has helped me very much. I highly recommend him. Ed A.
My experience here at Life Physical Therapy was different than other places, in that the therapist spent time with me and not other patients, making it individual. He was there through each and every exercise, not showing me and leaving me alone to do it wrong. Marilyn W.
I feel Dr. Wagner is patient and quite professional. He has a keen understanding of the work that he does. Helen D.
My doctor advised and recommended Life Physical Therapy, and the results were great. Dr. Wagner is caring, receptive to my questions, and highly competent judging by the results. I have recommended him to others who seem to have various physical problems and they agree with my evaluation. Stephen C.
Dr. Wagner treated my neck pain each week and I progressively got better and better. I now leave feeling no pain and can live my life pain-free. Todd was recommended to me by a couple of people and I highly recommend him to any person needing physical therapy. Patricia C.
He is so well informed and has a commendable level of expertise. He is a patient caregiver who always takes the time to explain the purpose behind each treatment and how it relates not only to your injury but to overall health and fitness. James D.