Frequently Asked Questions

What is orthopedic manual therapy? How is it different from regular physical therapy?

Physical therapists are trained to use a variety of techniques, devices, and methods to treat orthopedic pain. These things may include heat, cold, traction, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and various forms of stretching and strengthening exercises. No two physical therapists do things exactly the same way. Orthopedic manual physical therapists focus their treatment time on the hands-on portion of treatment, using joint mobilization, joint manipulation, massage, myofascial release, and other forms of manual therapy in addition to the other previously described modalities. Study after study continues to conclude that manual therapy leads to better outcomes and longer-lasting improvement than traditional exercise-based and modality-based physical therapy treatments.

What days and hours are available?

Dr. Wagner is available from Monday through Friday by appointment only and the latest appointment is at 4:45pm. There are no weekend or night hours available.

Do I need a prescription?

Not necessarily! If you are paying out of pocket for your sessions, no prescription is required unless treatment exceeds 10 visits or 1 month’s time. If your insurance company will be paying for your sessions, they each have different rules and it would be wise for you to call and check with your insurance company. Currently, all Medicare enrollees are required to have a prescription from their medical doctor prior to beginning physical therapy.

Do you do massage?

Massage or massage-like techniques may be a part of your overall treatment plan at Life Physical Therapy, but if you’re looking for an hour-long rubdown with candles and aromatherapy, you’ll have to look elsewhere!

Do you provide aquatic therapy?