Physical Therapy - Redefined

"My experience here at Life Physical Therapy was different than other places, in that the therapist spent time with me and not other patients, making it individual."

What makes us different

Manual Therapy on shoulder

Dr. Wagner is an orthopedic manual therapist who spends most of a session using real hands-on treatment, not just ice packs and bicycles.

He sees only one client every 45 minutes instead of trying to juggle 4, 5, or even 6 at a time and attends to them himself rather than using aides or assistants.


Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Orthopedic manual physical therapists focus their treatment time on the hands-on portion of treatment, using joint mobilization, joint manipulation, massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, and other forms of manual therapy in addition to more common treatments.

Balance Training

Manual therapy and proper exercise can help reduce the risk of falls, improve walking speed, and help clients to be more active in their daily lives.


Dr. Wagner is trained in canalith repositioning maneuvers for vertigo that can eliminate dizziness symptoms in as little as one visit.

Ages 10-102

Whether you broke your wrist falling off a jungle gym or have degenerative arthritis, Dr. Wagner can help.

X-ray/MRI reading

If you have had X-rays or MRI, Dr. Wagner will read your films or CD and incorporate those findings into your comprehensive treatment plan.


Dr. Wagner is available for lectures, educational sessions, and consulting on a variety of orthopedic-related topics. Call to inquire.

Meet Dr. Wagner

Dr. J. Todd Wagner

Since 2001, Dr. J. Todd Wagner has been providing individualized, one-on-one manual therapy to clients from all over Long Island. He is board certified as an orthopedic clinical specialist and holds multiple certificates in manual therapy from the American Physical Therapy Association.

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Patient Stories

See what others experienced at Life Physical Therapy

Dr. Wagner treated my neck pain each week and I progressively got better and better. I now leave feeling no pain and can live my life pain-free. Todd was recommended to me by a couple of people and I highly recommend him to any person needing physical therapy. Patricia C.
He is so well informed and has a commendable level of expertise. He is a patient caregiver who always takes the time to explain the purpose behind each treatment and how it relates not only to your injury but to overall health and fitness. James D.
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